Writing going downhill

Before I go into anything about my little pet peeve, I will say that I know I am no writing scholar. I make some punctuation mistakes, word usage mistakes, and various little things of that nature; but it is highly annoying to see how many simple spelling mistakes are in web pages. You would think that any company hosting a web page  would be highly interested in their writer making no spelling mistakes. I don’t mean words like “they’re, there, or their” and that such.  I mean things like spelling business like businesss (although that may have been meant as businesses, not quite sure). I also do not always quite get where I should separate paragraphs sometimes. I just can not stand seeing those mistakes that could have very easily been avoided with spell check or the fact that most web browsers even show the mistake in red as you are writing. Come on people, if you are going to write a blog, webpage, or any such piece that is viewed worldwide please check your spelling.