Well, hello all. It’s been a while since I posted and that is because I have actually been quite busy. I started checking into jobs I never really thought of before. As it turns out, those people that give you samples in the grocery stores are called Product Demonstrators. I applied for that type of position and already have a job doing so. According to about.com you should ask demonstrators how they got their job because they usually get a referral bonus for new demonstrators. I just found one on my own though through online research. Hopefully this will actually pay me. I’ll be working at a large supermarket so assume that I’ll be paid.

I also did a mystery shop recently and have no idea when I’ll be paid for that one. It seems most mystery shop companies within my area pay once a month-the next month. I am hoping these things work. The remote work I did for nearly 100 hours turned out to be a bust. My own fault  guess. I should have known better then to trust it, but oh well. You learn as you go. No matter how much you start getting up there in age you learn. I will continue to look for ways to work minimal outside-the-home or to work from home so I can be with my children and I know that you don’t get anywhere without taking the risk of not being paid. SO here goes another step on my quest.