PDC Success

So I worked as a contractor(manager position) for a team for about a month. The client was sending the money and canceled payment. My “boss” has been trying to get our group paid and this client goes and cancels payment. I truly think it is a poor excuse for a person that won’t pay when you have mouths to feed and bills to pay. I have not had any money the entire time I have been working on this contract and here they go and do this!

According to the payment details the company was pdc success so I would like to let others know I do not recommend working for them because they give you a hassle to get paid, if they even pay you. I know they have paid others but have no idea why they won’t pay us. I worked very long hours on the data for this company and am not even getting paid. There are 25 other contractors in the same position as I am having worked for this very same company.