I received via skype this message:

[10:40:32 AM] erick santos: Beware! ! ! Watch this file
[10:43:05 AM] erick santos: Oops…, I must have to send your photos and your two handsome boys pictures. But i cannot share my files to you. I will ask your contractor and if they are not yet paid till monday. We will have our connections at orlando florida and Kaplan University. And to Block you as an Avon Representative!
[11:10:09 AM] erick santos: we will call 911
[11:10:16 AM] erick santos: either
[11:21:13 AM] erick santos: We hire some Information Technologist here to have your IP Addresses so that we have to know your exact locations and we know exactly where you are now!
[12:29:45 PM] *** Theresa blocked erick santos ***

I didn’t know I actually had any contractors being that I do not own such company I work for but I guess this is what happens when stupid people are involved in a process. I don’t handle any of the paying but am being threatened. Don’t you just love terrorism?

So here I have been threatened with myself, my children, and jail for paying something I do not owe. Wow people are just so lovely!