Child Support

Alright, so in my past I was a stupid, stupid girl who trusted too many people and let some piece of trash watch my oldest child. I call him that because he had the nerve to hit a child that wasn’t any relation to him. I had been called into work on what was supposed to be my vacation. I couldn’t get a hold of anyone that regularly watched my child and didn’t have a car. So this guy offers to watch my kid (we had been living together) until his father picked him up for the weekend. This was only going to be two hours later. So after asking if he was sure he wanted to watch my son and having no other option, I agreed and got ready for work. When my son’s weekend with his father was up I couldn’t get a hold of his father. I was informed by one of his brothers that he took my son out of the state to family, and they were acting odd. Then on the next day or two I get a court summons for an emergency temporary custody hearing. Also that day, DCF had showed up. So now I knew why I couldn’t get a hold of him. My son’s family tried to say I beat my son when everyone around me back then knew that I was completely against hitting my child and didn’t even like slapping his hand. However, I still never got to actually see any bruises on my son and only saw pictures of the damage…which looked horrible really. So I can’t really blame him for taking our son. It was a very poor decision on my part to let the jerk watch our son. My issue recently is that he decided to wait almost 10 years to take me for child support. Now that he has a new family and everything. I have always helped in any way I was able considering I have younger children that I take care of without any child support.

Now any time I gave money, a check was not used but cash was happily taken. I have helped to provide for my son, it was just not as much as he really needed I know. I hate that but what can I do being a single mother without many options or help. I did not stay on government services through my life and have only recently needed them really. I have gotten by. But now, child support has listed some crap about my son needing support since birth-he did not have him since birth. Also that I am employed which is technically right but not as they think. I won’t be full-time employed either because I will soon be caretaker for my mentally handicapped brother. Now I do work from home but am no where near rich and still have my other children to take care of. Knowing what I know about child support enforcement, they won’t care if my children and I can eat or afford a place to live. So this is going to be a roller-coaster ride for sure.

In all honesty, I don’t think it is wrong for there to be an agency that makes sure the non-custodial parent helps to provide for their child. I do wish that they avidly pursued all parents in such position though. Also, I believe that they should not go after back child support if the custodial parent did not file in the past. I believe it should only be retroactive to the day the custodial parent applied for the help. Not back years before. Once again this is my view, and if you don’t like it, I don’t care. This also goes saying for me. If child support ever actually helps me (I do think they help less for minority parents than non-minority) I don’t care about the back support. I want help from when I applied for it.