You ever try to find a government agency on the web only to find out they are either not available that way, or they don’t have what you need linked?
I find this really annoying. In this day and age EVERYTHING should be available on the web. I know there are all sorts of dangers in doing this but most of us do many things in this way. Pretty much no one wants to call anything to hear the recordings that most find annoying. Nor do we have the time to sit on the phone for however long it takes to solve the problem. Through the web, we can take care of a situation at about any time of day that we may get a moments peace. By now, we really should just be handling most things this way. It’s not that our technology isn’t advanced enough; it’s more that the government and businesses are lazy. In fact, there would be many benefits to just putting all employees as remote workers unless absolutely necessary that they be in the facility.
Here are a few good reasons I could think of for remote employees:
Less on electricity usage-the electricity is only use when you need it and not dependent on those alcoholics who work later.
Less fuel usage-No fuel needed to go back and forth to work, which in my opinion would lower fuel prices because of the lower demand.
Schedules- Many people don’t have enough time for much if they have to leave the house, others have trouble sleeping at the times they should. If we could work remotely, we could work at a time that is more convenient and more then likely be more effective in work. That is saying you are the type that can get into the work if you have the opportunity.
Anything else that anyone would like to add would be appreciated but this is what I could think of. My schedule doesn’t always allow for me to deal with agencies on their time, and still others don’t give you all the options they should when they are online.