Being a single mother (pt2)

I received a comment on this blog the other day from my 3rd child’s grandfather. I felt it was a little uncouth to post what he had to say when there is a way to send messages to a blog poster. But what he had to say was right. I didn’t hold up to my promise those years ago. Although I felt and still feel I had good reason for the decisions I made.

In the previous post I did not bash on the fathers of my children. I made the decision to lie with them and my children are never going to be the mistake I made. In those days I could have fixed that very easily had I been heartless enough to do so. My parents were willing to help if that had been my decision. They help with their grandchildren plenty now as well. Aside from not having a father in their lives, I don’t think they could be happier. They get spoiled like crazy. I was merely stating a misconception and the lousy agencies we have. Agencies includes the school system in my opinion. In technicality the spoiling is what makes them act so rotten at times, usually those who have less act better.

So, the the grandparents of my children I will say I am sorry for you being unable to have them in your lives.