We have yet another prediction on the end of the world. While it is is always a possibility of the world as we know it ending for any number of reasons, I am really getting tired of it. The government has already chosen who they will take care of and all the rest of us can do is try our best to be prepared. You can never truly be prepared for every possible thing that can happen but can try. There are so many possible ways for it to happen and you can find a movie on nearly all of them. Even the CDC is in on the whole zombie theory now:

While, I guess this can be a possibility, I don’t really think zombies are what we have to worry about. I know there isn’t much the human brain can imagine that is not somehow possible, but I just can’t fathom this one. I definitely do not see how they would live for very long. The body is still deteriorating so they would eventually wither away as well.

Honestly, I don’t want to think of it either. If any of the vast number of zombie movies are true about how that will go down, we are screwed. There is no hope for any besides those die hard fans and military personnel. I’ll just take my chances on the end of the world, stock up on necessities, and live my life as normal.