Various Annoyances

  1. You ever notice how there are those people that always claim they are gonna hang out with you but ALWAYS have a reason to cancel. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if they actually had the courtesy to let you know they can’t come. I find it so annoying, if you don’t want to hang out then don’t say you are going to. I just had this one happen for the umpteenth time from a particular friend last night. Although, she did have a good excuse, it still stinks that I had to ask her what’s going on.
  2. Men-not even explaining this one because there are several reason. Just as much as we women annoy them…they annoy the heck out of me. With very few exceptions.
  3. Being cut out before I am done saying what I had to say and then being told I don’t give anyone a chance to speak. Maybe that’s why I don’t give you a chance to speak. I’m tired of being cut out and then you saying what you think before you even really heard it-this one happens to be my father. No one can talk when he is talking but he is sure to cut you off in the middle of a sentence to speak his opinion before you finish what you were saying. Nine times out of ten, his opinion is negative.
  4. The fact that it is easier to think of what you should do then it is to actually do it.
I’ll be steadily adding to this list I’m sure.