Random thought

I am in campaign 11 right now until Wednesday 5/18/11. Technically until Tuesday though because I have to submit my orders Wednesday so on time orders from customers would be the day before. This one focused on Father’s day and to my surprise I didn’t get very many orders.

I think many fathers are so underrated. They don’t get nearly as much recognition as mothers and it’s not that I don’t understand why. However, there are many fathers out there who do more then some of the mothers out there. I know of two personally who do a great job at raising their children completely on their own. Just as I have had to raise mine on my own. I really never knew how much of a deadbeat a mother can be until I met these two men. I commend them more than any single mother for the simple fact that I know it is quite a bit harder for a male to get the kind of help many women can get. So I want to wish an early Happy Father’s day to these 2 great men I have had the pleasure of having in my life. They are both the best friends I could have ever hoped for and I happen to be dating one of them now. You two truly should be an inspiration to many of the younger men out there today as for what being a real father is like.