Yoga and a few random things.

So, I’ve been wanting to start yoga for years and have done it here and there but never kept up any kind of routine. So far this week I have attempted the routine on my DVD 3 times. It has sections so it’s not to bad. Called 10 minute workout (It’s a series of workout DVDs on the market with all sorts of interesting exercise types). I can say that many parts of the yoga DVD are not just 10 minutes. So far I have done the yoga for energy workout (partially twice over the weekend), yoga for strength and flexibility ( that one I did this morning and it really was only 10 minutes), and yoga for strength and toning (also today but definitely not only 10 minutes). I have to say that yoga is so much harder then it looks. This video has kicked my butt. My arms are killing me and my hamstrings. Now part of what has my arms hurting is the fact that I mowed my yard for the first time ever over the weekend. My dad never let me do that when I was younger and used to have a significant other so never had to. I still didn’t have to do all of it. Borrowed my dad’s lawnmower and he showed me how to get it started, watched me do it and took over here and there. I did maybe half of my larger-than-normal for a Florida city yard.

I know I got completely off topic with that last bit but the point is I am hurting right now. I hate pain. I wanted to start this more than before recently because I am finally getting too much out of shape. Never really had to worry about my shape until after my last child. A C-section is not good at all for your figure as any woman who has had one will tell you. Plus, I am starting to get a bit old and that’s when it gets harder to keep weight down. Not that I have really ever been tiny but I have always been at a comfortable medically and personally-approved weight. Luckily the DVD today proved to me that I still have plenty of flexibility, I need to find something a bit harder for that. A friend of mine plans on letting me borrow his p90x series yoga video and I’m sure that one will be a challenge to get through. At least I am starting off with a beginner’s routine.

I’ll definitely keep at it now that I got the gumption to start though. I don’t want to end up being an invalid like my mother with her rheumatoid arthritis. She no longer wants to be in this life and I don’t blame her. Although, I Don’t want her to go nor does the rest of the family.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’ll tell you I am a pretty random person when talking about anything. Although, I feel most of my random thoughts go in-line with what I’m talking about.